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About Us

Our shops are small but perfectly formed with floor to ceiling shelves groaning under the weight of hundreds of jars. We stock the very best quality sweets we can buy, only Bassett's Licorice Allsorts and only Barrat's Shrimps - no cheap imitations are to be found at The Sugar Boy. Every line has been sampled by the staff and been given the thumbs up before it wins its precious place on our shelves. Find out more about our suppliers

It is a nostalgic trip down memory lane and the memories of school days or outings with Granny come flooding back to children of all ages. Service is top class with friendly, knowledgeable assistants who are willing to let you sample before you buy and have endless patience whilst the important ritual of choosing takes place.

Of course we are very proud of our shops but you don't just have to rely on what we say, you can read what our customers and the newspapers have to say about The Sugar Boy.

Everybody's Favourite Sweets

Everybody's Favourite Sweets

The Sugar Boy just happens to sell Willy Wonka's favourites....

We supplied sweets to Warner Bros for the filming of the 2005 film version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp.

The Art Director of Pinewood studios visited our Whitstable shop and ordered three jars each of 50 different sweets!

One sweet was a particular favourite of Mr Wonka’s, he loved Gibb's Mixed Balls and we had to supply several extra jars during filming.

It's a sensory thing.....

Being in the shops delights all five senses,

With the twinkling jars full of jewel coloured boiled sweets and foil wrapped toffees.

As the lids are taken off the jars the smells of hot aniseed drop, mouthwatering strawberry sherbets, bracing menthol and eucalyptus escape and tantalise the nostrils.

The clatter of aniseed balls hitting the pan scales, the hiss of sherbet crystals being poured out, the rustle of paper bags and the chatter of expectant children excite the ears.

Chocolatey, minty, fruity, herbal, fizzy, sour, sugarey, spicey, positively mouthwatering.

From the hard bite of treacle brittle to the softness of clotted cream fudge, the gummy chew of milk teeth to the barely there feel of marshmallow, the crisp touch of our stripey bags and the crunchiness of cellophane wrappers there are plenty of touchy sensations,

The Sugar Boy has entered into the consciousness of the citizens of Canterbury, Whitstable & Deal. Notes have been seen left on doors saying "Gone to the Sugar Boy for sweets-back in half an hour"., and at the nearby public school, Kings, Canterbury (which the Sugar Boy himself attended last century -his tail coat, white shirt & black tie is part of the school uniform) pupils vie to own the largest collection of Sugar Boy bags. Members of our staff holidaying abroad have been stopped by complete strangers exclaiming, " I know you! you're from The Sugar Boy!"

Of course the Sugar Boy is a real character with exciting tales to tell but at the moment he is too busy looking after the sweet toothed to write down his adventures which have often been shared with his little sister Sweetiepie.