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The Wrigley Company Ltd

The Wrigley Company Ltd

At the end of the 19th century North American Industrialists were looking for a use for chicle an opaque latex from Mexico. The tradition of chewing gum from spruce trees gave them inspiration and by 1890 there were several chewing gum companies established.

In 1892 a young man named William Wrigley began selling gum in Chicago. Wrigley was a go-getter! He introduced Juicy Fruit in 1893 and Spearmint gum in 1894.

In 1911 Wrigley began exporting to Britain. Today the gum we buy is manufactured here so you can chew safe in the knowledge that you have bought British!

Lines we stock

Spearmint Gum

Doublemint Gum

Airwaves Gum

Extra Peppermint Gum

Extra Winterfresh Gum

Extra Spearmint Gum

Ice White Gum

Orbit Peppermint Gum

Orbit Spearmint Gum