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Wedding Favours!

Wedding Favours!

Make your wedding SWEETACULAR with help from The Sugar Boy!
Here at The Sugar Boy we LOVE weddings and are here to help in whatever way we can in providing the best quality favours for your special day.

Obviously everyone’s special day is unique and we want to be able to fulfil that uniqueness through our favours so email us for a quote or further guidance

Stuck for ideas - no fear! We can make your favours for you in a variety of ways, you can just buy the sweets you want either online or direct from a shop and put them in your own packaging OR If you have found a particular bag/box/ribbon that you would like your sweets to be made up in we are more than happy for you to bring them or send them in and we will put them together for you or FINALLY just sit back choose the sweets and packaging and we’ll do the rest.

Sugared Almonds are a classic favourite but you can have any sweet or combination of sweets you like from our 400+ range.

We do have our own range of favour boxes and bags as can be seen in the photos. Call for a quote. You can have these favours with or without the sweets, it is totally up to you.

Hard candied sweets such as Sugared Almonds or Love Hearts and any wrapped sweets are suitable for filling nets or cloth bags. If you would like to use a jelly sweet or unwrapped hard boiled sweets we would suggest using our small cellophane bags which cost £3.00 per 100 and which can be tied attractively with ribbon to match you colour theme, or our small gold boxes which cost 25p each. If you wish to use either of these options we can also quote for supplying the favours to you ready made up.

The custom was for a favour to contain 5 almonds and if you are using a sweet of a comparable size it is nice to stick to this quantity. If you want to use a smaller sweet such as Jelly Belly Beans or Jelly Love Hearts then we would suggest you allow 15/20g per favour. However we are more than happy to supply larger quantities, should you wish.

WF5Sweets can be used in many different ways at weddings - not just as favours. So let us help you get inventive and make your wedding sweetacular