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Walker's Nonsuch

Walker's Nonsuch

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walk 2Founded by Edward Walker in 1890 working from a tiny sweetshop in Stoke-on-trent the firm of Walkers Nonsuch is still run by Edward's descendents today, producing some of England's finest toffee.
In 1915 Edward and his son Edward Victor opened a factory near the shop to keep up with demand.

Walker's Toffee is still made from the finest from natural ingredients. Full cream milk and butter, raw cane sugar which imparts the full toffee taste, fresh crop brazil nuts, walnuts and real chocolate.Every half hour samples are tested to ensure the correctness of the mix.

walk 4All the nuts are carefully inspected before being automatically placed in the setting toffee. It's a combination of tradition and technology which in the Sugar Boy's view is the recipe for success.

Fans of Callard and Bowser Toffee who are cast down by the fact that their toffees have gone out of production are urged to try Walkers. They make a noble substitute.