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The Sweets' Graveyard

Nineteen that we have loved and lost

1 Spangles Launched in 1948 by Mars, and sold in various incarnations. Withdrawn in the early 80s, only to resurface in the early 90s, to be dropped again.

2 Texan Ultra-chewy, chocolate-covered nougat bar launched in the mid-70s; disappeared in the mid-80s.

3 Banjo Boring two-fingered wafer bar, lasted for most of the 80s.

4 The Nutty Bar - Cadbury paid out for a huge TV advertising campaign for this non-chocolate bar (it was peanuts stuck to a fudge finger); it lasted from 1968-1977.

5 Pacers The cloying mint version of Opal Fruits in the 70s and 80s, initially white but later adorned with three green stripes.

6 Chocolate toolbox - Many companies have now resurrected this fun and oh so tasty treat!

7 Callard & Bowser Creamline Toffees A 2001 casualty; they were better than Toffos.

8 Amazin Raisin 1971-78 - the sweets equivalent of rum'n'raisin ice cream.

9 Freshen Up Chewing gum with a liquid centre, an 80s innovation.

10 Bluebird Toffee A classic, but a recent casualty of confectionery industry takeovers.

11 Jap Desserts These old coconut sweets (coconut was often known as 'Jap') died a death in the early 2000s. This lovely sweet has been revived recently and is now availablae again - as good as ever!!

12 Cabana Short-lived but high-profile 80s bar that was a rich mix of coconut, caramel and whole cherries.

13 Counters (Galaxy) Harmless chocolate beans cruelly cut off.

14 Pink Panther Extraordinary strawberry-flavoured chocolate bars, thin like Milky Bars. An acquired taste.

15 Bandit Wafer biscuit - a challenger to Penguins (not).

16 Club bars From Jacobs. The full range has been withdrawn, but Orange is still available. Symbol guide: plain = jack of clubs; milk = golf ball; mint = green leaf. Bog-standard but likable for thick chocolate.

17 Nutty Pure 80s bar, with a smoky brown see-through wrapper. Peanuts encase a fudge-type caramel log centre.

18 Double Agent Extremely artificial blackcurrant- or apple-flavoured boiled sweets, with a sherbet centre and spy questions on the wrapper. Classic cold war confectionery.

19. Pascall's Toffee Crunch
Golden brown pillow shaped sweets with a delicious caramel flavour and a sstisfying crunch. Inexplicably withdrawn by Trebor Bassett. We used to sell loads.