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James Pascall had worked as an agent for Cadbury's before setting up business with his brother Alfred in a small shop off London's Oxford Street in1866. Initially they produced sweets such as herbal cough drops, candy and French rock. In 1877 they moved to larger premises in Blackfriars and expanded their range In 1897 their premises were destroyed in a fire started by a former employee who was simpleminded. After the fire the company moved out to Mitchum in Surrey. Pascall are best known for their boiled sweets and their Fruit Bonbons are still hugely popular and deliciously fruity. The most popular sweet made by Pascall in The Sugar Boy's shops are Sweet Peanuts, crunchy peanut flavoured candy in the shape of a peanut - we sell masses of them.

In 1999 Trebor Bassett created Monkhill Confectionery , a seperate company, to look after traditional brands like Pascall.