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The history of Maxons Ltd. is very much centred around the enterprise of one man - Ralph Pitchfork - who wanted to be his own boss and improve the living standards for his growing family.

Ralph Pitchfork was born in 1913, the son of a Sheffield newsagent, who, on leaving school in 1931, when employment was scarce following the great depression, managed to gain employment with one of his father's suppliers - a local wholesaler. Apart from the war years when he served with the Royal Air Force, he remained with them until 1950, when, with his wife Margaret, he purchased a local wholesale and manufacturing confectioners in Sheffield.

The wholesaling company traded as Ralph Pitchfork Ltd. with the manufacturing arm trading as Maxons Ltd.

Following the end of sweet rationing in 1953, both the wholesale and manufacturing companies began to expand and, in 1958, Ralph Pitchfork merged his two companies with those of another Sheffield confectioner of a similar size.

Henry Dixon Ltd. had existed since the late nineteenth century and had acquired a significant reputation and history in the area.

It was in the 1960s that the registered name of Jesmona Black Bullets was acquired in from a company in the North East of England and the production of their weigh-out jars, pre-packs, 1/2lb and 1lb tins was moved to the factory in Sheffield.

The wholesale company of Dixon Pitchfork Ltd. was sold in the late 1960s and eventually, like many privately owned wholesale confectioners lost its identity to one of the national groups.

Maxons continues as a privately owned, independent, manufacturing company under the direction of Roger Pitchfork - Ralph's son. The traditional brands of Maxons, Dixons, Jesmona and Regina account for the majority of production that is distributed predominantly in the North of England.