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Marzipan Moments

Marzipan Moments

One of the Sugar Boy's favorite sweets is marzipan, which is basically a combination of almond paste and sugar. In the German town of Lubeck, marzipan production is taken very seriously, and there are strict distinct designations for the marzipan, with the higher quality reflecting a higher proportion of paste to sugar; marzipan must be at least 50% almond paste, "Lubecker" marzipan 70%, and edelmarzipan 90%.

Our marzipan fruits are made of the finest quality marzipan

When first introduced, who were the only group allowed to produce marzipan?

Answer Pharmacists
Marzipan was felt to have medicinal qualities, and in the 16th century, was dispensed only by pharmacists. Retailers were allowed only to deal in the raw materials.