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Liquorice Lovers Unite!

Liquorice Lovers Unite!

The Sugar Boy loves liquorice (or is it licorice - you decide, it all tastes good to us) and strives to have the best possible range of this tasty and beneficial treat.
Did you hear us say beneficial? - you did. Modern research has confirmed what ancient Eygptians and medieval monks knew: liquorice has many health giving properties and you can benefit from these by eating Liquorice sweets: how marvelous, sweets that are good for you!

Although our mission is to bring the best of British sweets to the world we have to give credit where it is due and so our liquorice range contains some superb examples from overseas including Goelitz Liquorice Pastels
and Bridge Mix from the United States.

These are sophisticated versions of those great British traditions, the liquorice comfit
and the liquorice allsort. More expensive, they have a strong flavour and are less sweet than what we are used to but if you like liquorice they are a must.

Another foreigner that we simply have to give shelf space to is Dutch Licquorice. We stock Salted Liquorice, a hard liquorice gum containing salt which brings out the flavour brilliantly
as well as a softer, sweet dutch liquorice.

The most serious British liquorice sweets is the Pontefract Cake. There are only two manufacturers left producing these and we stock both. Wilkinsons, who make a large soft cake with a strong dark flavour
and Haribo (who bought the old Dunhill's factory some years ago) whose cake is smaller and more chewy with a sweeter,treacly flavour. Both types have their devoted fans and are hugely popular.

Of course we also stock all the other excellent British liquorice sweets that you remember: Comfits; Pontefract Cakes; Liquorice Cuttings; Lions Liquorice Tablet; liquorice rock; Bassetts allsorts and comfits: as well as combination numbers like wilco mints; blackcurrant and liquorice; black & white liquorice sandwiches and four different brands of liquorice toffees! If you want something completely natural then you can choose liquorice wood, sticks cut straight from the liquorice bush, or why not take a nostalgic trip to children's corner and enjoy a Sherbet Fountain and a handful of Blackjacks

Have some fun and order our liquorice hampers in the hamper section which contains a bag of nearly all out liquorice sweets!

And remember, if you like liquorice you should also take a look at our range of aniseed sweets.