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The Lion Confectionery Company was founded in 1903 by Mr Hardill in his native Cleackheaton in West Yorkshire. Gums and Pastilles soon became his signature lines. Years of experience have resulted in a range of gums that are instantly recognisable for their firmer chewy texture, shiny appearance and longer lasting, fuller flavour.
Throughout the North of England and Scotland Lion gums have come to be regarded as "proper" gums. The reputation is well deserved. Lion gums are made from the original recipe developed years ago. The traditional cooking process and slow stoving remain unchanged. So you can be sure that they taste exactly the same as they always have and they always will.

In 1988 Lions were bought by Cadbury. No change was made in the range. Recently however we have heard reports that the traditional liquorice "black one" in the Sports Mixture pre-pack bags has been changed for a blackcurrant flavour gum! Horror horror!!

All we can tell you is that at present the black one is right in the bulk boxes we purchase for The Sugar Boy - so you can order in confidence.

If you prefer the black ones to any of the others then why not order some Poor Bens - they are all black.