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Golden Casket

Golden Casket

Known as 'Sugaropolis' because it became such a centre of sugar refining, the port of Greenock in Scotland is home to Golden Casket.

This business, begun by Douglas Rae in 1959 had operated as a Confectionery Agent distributing the products of different manufacturers. This all changed in 1971 when they were given the opportunity of purchasing the manufacturing company Fullers, from Terry's of York.
In the 1970's Golden Casket also accquired the long established firm of Buchanans and in 1989 they bought another Scottish manufacturer, Drysdale & Gibb .

Golden Casket manufacture the incredibly popular Millions their very best known sweet.

Lines we stock

Blackcurrant Millions

Bubblegum Millions

Cola Millions

Lemon Millions

Mint Millions

Mixed Millions

Orange Millions

Raspberry Millions

Strawberry Millions