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Corporate Customers!

Put The Sugar Boy to the test........challenge him to find the perfect sweet to communicate your message. You'll be surprised what a difference it can make.

Our sweets and packaging consistently produce an enthusiastic response. Sweets strike a chord with people. They are a light hearted and friendly way to let your customers know that you care.

Staff motivators
Party Favours
Gift Boxes
Thank You's
Personalised Sweets
Mail Shot Novelties

All of the above can be supplied in quantities large or small, themed to suit your message and tailored to any budget

We are also happy to quote for straightforward wholesale supply of any of our lines or indeed any item of confectionery that you may be seeking.

Customers include: Astra Zeneca, TK Maxx, Lloyds TSB, The BBC, Warner bros, Pinewood Studios and many more, large and small.

Request a quote by emailing us.