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Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups has to be our favourite lollipop manufacturer, bringing back happy memories of childhood package holidays to Spain.

Made in Barcelona they continue to delight with their innovative flavours and ideas. Not many non - UK manufactured sweets make it into our shops but those that do are truly great and these are no exception.

Enric Bernat Fontlladosa launched the sweet on a stick in 1958, with a floral logo designed by the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

Today the company makes four billion lollipops a year in factories around the world, including China and the US.

There are more than 50 flavours of Chupa Chups, including a chilli sweet for the Mexican market.

"I looked at candy and I was surprised that there was no candy made for children, when they are the main consumers," Bernat said when asked about his invention.

"It did not fit well in their mouths, it got their hands dirty and it caused problems for their mothers. This is why I had the idea of putting it on a stick."

The company says the Chupa Chups is now the world's best-selling lollipop. It is marketed in 170 countries and made in factories in five countries which employ almost 2,000 people.

Its name comes from the Spanish verb "chupar" which means to suck or lick.

Bernat died at his home in Barcelona on 27 December 2003.