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Blue Bird

Blue Bird

In 1895 Harry Vincent set up as a sugar confectioner near Birmingham He always dreamed of building a factory in the countryside amidst green fields which would be not only beautiful but provide a pleasant place to work.

This ambition was realised in 1927 when his factory was built in the Worcestershire countryside. At about the same time Harry came across a play called The Blue Bird of Happiness by Maeterlink and renamed his toffee, previously called Harvino Toffee, Blue Bird Toffee.

Blue Bird Liquorice Toffee Rolls have been one of The Sugar Boy's very best selling toffees.

In recent years Blue Bird were taken over by Needlers who in turn were taken over by Ashburys.

The Blue Bird name survives only on their liquorice toffees which are still produced by Asburys although they have changed the shape from the familiar roll to a flatter penny shape.

The other sweets which we still like to think of as Bluebird lines are our French bonbons.